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In any classroom, an estimated 25% of children have an undiagnosed vision disorder.  It has been our experience that a majority of these children have been identified by a classroom teacher as needing help in some capacity.  By observing a child’s behavior and identifying the telltale signs of vision problems, you can quickly identify a student who may need help. The typical avenues of services available often result in marginal gains or serve as ongoing supportive resources for a student with an undiagnosed binocular vision disorder.  As part of a team that evaluates learning disabilities, your observations may help identify a vision problem that may be contributing a child’s poor performance.  Parents highly value your input and your observations. By recommending a child for a binocular vision evaluation, you could significantly change a child’s life.  We are here to provide an opportunity for parents, doctors and teachers to uncover an eye teaming or tracking problem as the source of struggle for these students.